Thesis subject

Thesis supervision by Dirk Roep

I’ve participated in various EU-research projects. See the Rural Sociology website for more information. I’m now coordinating the EU-funded project SUSPLACE exploring the transformative capacity of place-shaping practices. I’m teaching in BIN and MOA on agriculture and rural development, the transformation of food systems and place-based development.


Place-based approaches to agricultural and rural development; regenerative agriculture; place-based or origin food; sustainable food systems; collaborative governance; new institutional arrangements; grassroots innovation; transformation processes.

Main interests:

  1. the exploration of regenerative and circular agriculture;
  2. grassroots innovations in agriculture and food provisioning
  3. the relevance of smallholder farms for food security.
  4. citizens initiatives in sustainable place-shaping;

This range of topics offer ample thesis opportunities worldwide: in the Netherlands and EU, Asia, the Americas, New Zealand. All depending on the interests of thesis students.

For some inspiration look at our Rural Sociology social media to which I contribute or website of research projects I’m or was involved in.

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