Thesis subject

Thesis topics Joost Jongerden

In my work I specialised in socio-spatial and socio-political analysis of rural development and conflict. I have a special interest in the study of place/space (production) from a relational perspective, contestation and subjectivation. In my work I look at places as the outcome of past actions, which permit fresh actions to occur, while suggesting or prohibiting others. This statement, adapted from work of the philosopher Henri Lefebvre, implies two basic principles. The first one is that places are not context, but should be analysed in terms of the activities by which they are shaped. In this process of place-making power and politics amalgamate. The second one is that it is not only we shaping places, but also places shaping us. This furthermore leads us to an understanding of places as open, multiple and always under construction.

I like team-work, reflected in my co-authored publications, but also my involvement in the coordination of research projects and the organizations of workshops and conferences. My focus areas are Turkey and Kurdistan, but I also have experience with research in India, Ghana, Ecuador and the Netherlands.

Topics thesis

  • Grounding, dwelling and mobility
  • Politics of place and identity
  • Urban and rural reconstruction/transformation
  • Re-imaginations of rural and urban; local and global
  • Self-organisation; autonomous geographies; food sovereignty
  • Conflict, people and place
  • Relational theory