Thesis subject

Thesis topics Rudolf van Broekhuizen

I am a Senior Researcher at the Rural Sociology group. Formerly I was programme manager of the Dutch Government Service for Land and Water Management. I have rich experience in food supply chains, land management, rural development, and project management.

Currently I teach in some courses by RSO and I have participated in a number of European Commission-funded projects such as CAMAR, IMPACT, SEFABAR, ETUDE and RuDI. At this moment I’m working on GLAMUR, a project that aims to compare local and global food supply chains, in which we will look at economic, environmental, social, health and ethical performance.

Thesis topics

  • Food supply chains
  • Land use management
  • Agricultural and rural governance
  • Multifunctional farming
  • Agricultural-,  Rural-  and Regional development
  • Land and water management