Thesis subject

Thesis topics Stephanie Hobbis

I am a political anthropologist with a geographic focus on coastal, marine, small island environments and a thematic interests in the essentially messy, awkward and often frictional everyday dimensions of global order-making in weak states and (post) conflict environments. My current work explores the material dimensions of foreign state-building and development, ranging from the politics of fashion to road infrastructures to electoral technologies

Fields of expertise

  • Anthropology
  • The Everyday
  • Peace and Reconciliation
  • Stuctural and Cultural Violence
  • State Formation
  • Infrastructures
  • Gender
  • Food & Identity
  • Digital Cultures and Development
  • Antrhopology of Religion (esp. Christianity)

Geograhical area

  • Solomon islands
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Oceania
  • Small Island States
  • East Asia: Japan
  • North America, especially settler colonialism, Canada