Towards the engaging decision support system of sanitation technologies for resource recovery

In many areas around the world water is scarce and there is no provision of sanitation systems. LeAF currently works on development of the engaging decision support system (DSS) for sanitation technologies, focusing on resource recovery from waste streams – water and nutrients for agriculture, and/or biogas for community use.

Our hypothesis is that by creating an engaging and user friendly DSS, decision makers will be motivated to include nutrient cycling when making their choices, and on the long term increase resource recovery from sanitation systems worldwide. Game elements will be used in the design of the DSS to increase its engaging factor, and at the same time addressing sustainability aspects of different sanitation systems – environmental, technical, social and economic.

Where to start?

In order to have a good idea on how to design a new version of the DSS, following activities are planned to be undertaken:

  • Literature review - what has previously been done in the sanitation sector in relation to DSSs.
  • Questionnaires for authors/developers of DSS - questions will focus on researching who was the target group, is the tool being used, how much and by whom, what would they improve, what are limitations of the existing tools, etc.
  • Identify the target groups in Ethiopia and Ghana that will be consulted when developing the first concept of the new DSS.

Who are we?

LeAF is a spin-off company of the Environmental Technology group dedicated to making resource recovery from waste streams work


January – April 2018 (or as soon as possible)