UniversiTREE planted at ESALQ University - 4 June 2018

On June 4th of 2018 there was an UniversiTREE planted at ESALQ University in Piracicaba, Brazil. This was done to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Wageningen University & Research and the 118th anniversary of ESALQ.

The planting was done near the central building of ESALQ University in Piracicaba in Brazil. Prior to the planting there was an interesting speech by the Director of ESALQ about both ESALQ University and Wageningen Unversity & Research. He mentioned that he was proud to say they are better everyday, focusing on continuous improvements.

We ALL planted! Once the tree was in placed, we all grabbed our hands at the "enxada" and helped cover with soil. It was a funny moment, for we had all been cautiously pushing the soil one-by-one, and once the ESALQ director and vice took hands over, the tree was quickly covered. Surely they are agronomists with fists full of experience.

After the planting, there was time to have a nice chat and all guests were credited for coming around and making this ceremony such a success. There was special appreciation to ESALQ University, arranging that the tree would be a native, frutiferous and long standing tree with many uses and that symbolizes a sustainable feed. Along the lines our current concern of modern society and a topic of Wageningen 100-years birthday: 'How to sustainably feed the world.' After watering the tree it was time for a coffee and snacks at the main building. In this cozy setting, students were interviewd and also the professor and president of international affairs.

Interview Gustavo: "Molecular biology, 1-year unbelievable experience, benefit in many aspects of life university was top of line, country was organized, this whole idea about the universities cooperation is to be capacitated there to come back and contribute here."

Interview Bárbara Sentelhas: "Agronomist, 1 year in Marketing and Consumer Science, completely different than what she had previously studied, complemented quite a lot her learnings here, professionally enhanced with entrepreneurship. Enjoying Biking a lot, made a lot of friends, good quality of life."

Interview João Otávio: "To go abroad was always a dream, his exchange program was a planned study that and surprisingly came across new experiences, learned new tendencies. Wageningen was way ahead in developments these studies, evolved into the theme of his bachelor’s program thesis.  Working with modelling now. Dutch he tried, with a friend who wanted to come to Brazil."

Professor Helaine Carrer: "For us is an important moment to celebrate Wageningen at the same time ESALQ celebrates 117 years. We live this current interaction with a strong connection that brings a good energy, and possibly will be expanded for many more years. It’s a joyful moment and we like to cheer for Wageningen University and Research Centre."