Use of novel protein

Increasing the production and use of novel proteins is one of our research lines to help building new protein value chains. Durable success and impact of these value chains depend entirely on the ability to use the technical and nutrition functionality of proteins in a final product, and – even more important – on the acceptance of novel proteins by consumers and regulatory bodies.

A typical example of a new value chain is the FoodWaste2Feed project. The acceptance of novel proteins by consumers is studied in several programs, focussing on various protein sources and on different target groups.

Most novel proteins to be used as food or food ingredient will have to be approved prior to market introduction under the Novel Food Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 258/97). Wageningen UR developed a Guideline for producers of novel proteins on how to fill the NFR application dossiers (Guideline LEI 14-075). There is no pre-market authorisation procedure for novel feed ingredients derived from non-animal sources, a notification will suffice (Regulation (EC) No 767/2009). For proteins derived from animals, like insect proteins, the situation is rather complex and depends among others on the destination of the feed (food producing animal or not).