Achtergronden bij onze advertenties

Vegetable snacks at meetings

The latest nutritional insights prescribe 250 grams of vegetables per day, while in practice many people do not meet this norm. In response, Wageningen UR researchers and the vegetable industry have put their heads together to come up with ways of increasing vegetable consumption.

They concluded that this norm can be met by offering vegetables more frequently in a day than just at dinner, for instance during lunches at schools and in day-care centres, as a snack at meetings, in coffee corners and restaurants. A study revealed, for example, that restaurants could increase vegetable consumption by 23 per cent. Another way in which Wageningen UR is working on the quality of life.

Including more vegetables in hot meals is a utopia, given most consumers’ need for ease and speed of service. This is why we are working together with GroentenFruit Huis on solutions that focus on incorporating vegetables into other meals and snacks and at other locations.
Herman Peppelenbos

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