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Vegetarian fish

Farmed fish is an alternative to sea fishing, but meal from wild fish is still one of the main ingredients in commercial fish feed. Scientists at Wageningen UR are therefore looking for ways to use plant-based ingredients in fish feed.

However, carnivorous fish have got a low tolerance for plant-based carbohydrates. The scientists are currently experimenting with the use of residues and waste from the food industry in fish feed.

Their ultimate goal is to help reduce overfishing by developing plant-based fish feed that will allow fish to obtain the nutrients they need without any problems. This is how Wageningen UR contributes to improving the quality of life.

Aquaculture is an opportunity to supply the growing world population with proteins. Knowledge about fish feed is essential to doing this in a sustainable manner.
Johan Schrama

Wageningen UR programme partner at Food Film Festival 9, 10, 11 May

film food festival

The Food Film Festival is a three-day festival where you can immerse yourself in the world of food. You can watch food films, listen to presentations, join The Great Debate and learn from masters in the kitchen. In addition to a number of film screenings, the event also features several debates during which our food system will be examined with a critical eye. Three Wageningen UR employees will be participating in this debate: Natalie Steins from IMARES, Johan Verreth from IMARES, Bert Visser from the Centre for Genetic Resources and Prof. Louse Vet from Wageningen University.

Debate: The Great Fishing Debate

Nathalie Steins and Johan Verreth, who both work for IMARES, will be participating in this debate.

Debate | Ruben Maes | 105 min | In Dutch

Saturday 10 May | 2.30 PM | Machinegebouw

Talkshow: The Battle for Our Seeds

Bert Visser of the Centre of Genetic Resources CGN (Plant) will be one of the guests at this debate.

Talkshow | 120 min | In English |

Saturday 10 May | 4:00 PM | MC Theater

Organised in collaboration with OneWorld and shown in combination with the film Seeds of Time

Talkshow: The Battle for the Meadow

Prof. dr. Louise Vet, scientist at Wageningen UR and director of the Netherlands Institute for Ecology, will be a guest during this debate

Talkshow | Andrea van Pol | 105 min | In Dutch

Sunday 11 May | 1.30 PM | Machinegebouw

Organised in collaboration with the Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds