Greening the city of Amsterdam


Vergroenen van de stad Amsterdam

De Wetenschapswinkel van Wageningen UR is bezig met de ontwikkeling van een digitale kaart. Deze kaart moet de kansen identificeren voor het aanbrengen van groene gebieden in Amsterdam. Dit onderzoek wordt uitgevoerd in samenwerking met verschillende NGO’s en de gemeente van Amsterdam.

A map for inspiration

Currently, a clear insight into high-potential locations for greening neighbourhoods of Amsterdam is lacking. This project looks at:

  1. Criteria and conditions that are of importance for greening measures and help to identify impactful locations for greening interventions.
  2. Specific locations that fit these criteria and conditions and the perspective for greening these locations.
  3. Recommendations to policy makers and local organizations who aim to promote urban greening in Amsterdam.


There are multiple opportunities to contribute to the (ongoing) research in this project. Students who are interested in spatial data-analysis; participatory GIS-processes; the ecological, environmental and social meaning(s) of green spaces in Amsterdam; or the realization and management of local green space are invited to discuss the opportunity for conducting a thesis or internship.