View your test online 24/7

When you are registered for the use of our web application MyCVI (in Dutch) you can view what is happening with the test of your samples, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - from the moment your samples are received upto the moment the results are reported.

You can also download the report with the results as pdf. Registration and use of MyCVI is free of charge.

As soon as your samples have arrived at CVI, you can, provided that you are the sender of the samples, see the status of your test with MyCVI.

  • Datum inzending, date your samples arrived
  • Status onderzoek, status of the diagnostic test: ontvangen (received), wordt geregistreerd (is being registered), in behandeling (in process), gerapporteerd (reported);
  • Datum uitslag verwacht, expected date of test result
  • Deelrapport, report for part of the required tests as pdf
  • Rapport, final report of the test as pdf.

Apart from that you can view and download all reports with test results with MyCVI. By filling in search terms (zoektermen), part of your sendings will be shown. Search terms are UBN (uniek bedrijfsnummer or unique business number); Eigenaar (owner of the animals);  Datum inzending vanaf (submissions sent from [date]); Datum inzending tot (submissions sent in until [date]).

Apply for MyCVI
In order to apply you need your relation number. This number can be found on previous CVI reports to you. Next you surf to MyCVI ( and apply by choosing Klik hier om u aan te melden; in the next screen fill in your relation number (at klantnummer) and then on Registreren. We will send you an email to your email address in our administration with the ‘inlogcode’, the password.

Next time you surf to MyCVI, fill in your relation number at klantnummer and your password at wachtwoord and choose ‘Inloggen’ (log on)Now you can view all your submitted requests for diagnostic tests at CVI.