WUR Connect

The new WUR Connect App is now available for all Wageningen University & Research alumni! The app makes it even easier to get in touch with Wageningen alumni, KLV members and/or students. WUR Connect enables you to get in touch with old classmates, as well as keeping up with and benefiting from the inspiring WUR network. Whether you are already a member of WUR Connect, or are going to register now, with the new app building your network will be a piece of cake!
The WUR Connect app seamlessly incorporates social media and opens the gate to a unique, helpful community.

Of course the WUR Connect app offers all the advantages you know from the website:

  • Reconnect: Look up classmates, find out what they’re up to and stay in touch.
  • Give something back: Help fellow ‘Wageningers’ get in touch with the right people, share knowledge, or find a great internship, mentorship or a new job.
  • Expand your network: Your network is bigger than you think. Find out who is working where in the national and international world of the Wageningen domain.
  • Discover career opportunities: Discover opportunities to move forward in your own career. Contribute to new projects, find the best jobs in the sector.

Download the WUR Connect app now and stay connected!