Leptinotarsa Decemlineata Say. Collection: Wall charts Entomology & Phytopathology

Wageningen University & Research - Image Collections

You’d like to share your research group's images with others, but how do you do it? You’d like to present your visual material in a professional way? You spend hours looking for a photo someone has requested for a website? Does this sound familiar?

The solution: Wageningen University & Research - Image Collections

WUR Library now offers the possibility to store visual material and make it publicly accessible through Wageningen University & Research - Image Collections. This is a collection of annotated photographs and videos from WUR’s units. These images are presented clearly and attractively on a website.

The Library arranges the storage of and access to the visual material for you, and supports you in entering your material in the storage application. You can then easily manage your collection yourself and add new material whenever you want. The Library will teach you how to do this and will remain available to answer any questions you may have about the process.

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  • Your visual material is managed for you;
  • An attractive and dynamic presentation of your visual material to the outside world: a good calling card for your unit;
  • The Library has all the know-how to describe, save and retrieve digital material;
  • Professional support to digitise or to create metadata for visual material;
  • Possibility to outsource the digitisation and/or the creation of metadata to the Library;
  • Library personnel are always available to answer your questions.