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What exactly may be published on Blackboard without permission from Stichting PRO?

Q: What is the maximum size of a book or article that may be used without permission?

A: You may use a maxiximun of 50 pages and not more than 25% of the complete book or journal. However, to keep copyright fees low for the university, please provide a hyperlink to the document instead of the full text (PDF) if possible. Click here for information on what kind of links you should use.

Q: Are there any journal articles not covered by the copyright agreement, which I may use for free and without permission although they fall outside the copyright agreement?

A: Yes, you may use Open Access articles (check for a CC license) and your own articles (best to use the final version you sent to the publishers, e.g. green open access) for free and without permission. Furthermore, many Library journal subscriptions allow the use of their articles on Blackboard or in a reader. However, these articles can also be linked to, so please provide a hyperlink if possible.

Book chapters

Q: May I use more than one chapter of a book without permission?

A: Yes, you may use more than one chapter, but the total amount must not exceed the limit of 50 pages or 25% of the book in total.

Q: Does the limit of 50 pages apply to each individual chapter or to the book in total?

A: The limit applies to the book in total, not to each individual chapter.

Q: Does Stichting PRO include other courses (where they use the
same book) in the application of these limits?

A: No, the limits apply to each course separately.

Images or graphs

Q: Is there a maximum number of pictures that I may use in my course
(e.g. in PowerPoint presentations)?

A: You may use a maximum of 25 pictures/tables/figures from one book or journal without permission. For more information about the use of other
types of pictures please go to 'Finding open content'.

Other material on Blackboard

Q: In my course, I use material that students have to read for their exams, but also publications with background information. Does the copyright agreement apply to both types of information?

A: Yes, the agreement does not make any distinction between types of information.

Q: Which part of Blackboard falls under the copyright agreement? Is
Stichting PRO able to check all material stored on Blackboard?

A: In principle, Stichting PRO will only check in Blackboard Student View. This means you may file material (for own use/your own copy) in the Course Management part of Blackboard without permission. However, if you link in your Blackboard course to the documents in your Files, they will be visible to students and therefore fall under the copyright agreement. Furthermore, we are not exactly sure how Stichting PRO will check the actual use of copyrighted material on Blackboard. To be on the safe side, do not keep any copyrighted documents in your files on Blackboard but store them in a location to which your students have no access, e.g. on your private computer or in the W directory.

Q: Are students allowed to upload publications to Blackboard?

A: Yes, people may share journal articles with each other for research
purposes. However, we advise you not to let students upload PDFs of copyrighted materials to Blackboard. We are not sure whether Stichting PRO is able to make a distinction between documents from students and those from teachers.

Previous academic years

Q: Do I have to change my Blackboard courses for the academic year
2016-2017 retroactively?

A: No, we merely ask you to use hyperlinks to copyrighted materials from the academic year 2017-2018 onwards.