What is regarded as a short section?

In the reader agreement a short section is:
- Non-fiction book: a maximum of 10.000 words, but no more than a third of the complete work; when using several parts from the same non-fiction book, the total may not exceed 10.000 words
- Journals: a maximum of 8000 words, but no more than a third of the instalment in question;
- Graphs, tables, diagrams, photographs, and illustrations can be copied in their entirety as a short part, but no more than 25 figures from the same original work. If a graph or illustration is copied as part of a text, the image counts for 200 words.

There are tools available to count the number of words in digital documents. In Word, this can be done using Review - Word Count. You can upload a PDF document to 'Count On It' to find out the number of words. For print documents, count the words in a sample text and make a guess of the total number of words in the document.