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What research supports the claims being made in relation to Conservation agriculture?

Conservation agriculture, as it is now known, is a minimum tillage technology. Its first reported successes are in USA, Argentina and Brazil, and go back 20-30 years at least. Currently, the technology is advocated broadly in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Claims about the benefits of the technology are related to soil fertility, erosion, and crop yields. Contrasting claims, i.e. those that consider conservation agriculture only paying off in some situations, are also heard. However, there is little overview of agronomical research that supports those claims and relates it with socio-economic cost/benefit analysis. What research has been done (i.e. on-station, on farm, short term vs long term) and how do these results support the claims being made.

Literature research for a plant science/agronomy student with interest in broader debates on agricultural technology development, science and farmers’ realities