Where does EndNote look for Connection files, Filters and Styles?

EndNote locates such files in the directory that you have indicated in your preferences as well as the directories where EndNote installs such files by default. For the installation on the WUR network we have made sure you can access the file directories; the preferred locations are M:\My Documents\Endnote\Connections, M:\My Documents\Endnote\Filters and M:\My Documents\Endnote\Styles. You can modify these locations (via Edit -> Preferences -> File locations).

By default EndNote installs connection files, filters and styles in respectively C:\Program Files\EndNote ..\Connections ;C:\Program Files\EndNote ..\Filters ; C:\Program Files\EndNote ..\ Styles; (where .. should be replaced by the version). EndNote locates these files in the directories of your current installation, but also in directories from previous installed versions of EndNote.