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Which personal and environmental factors influence real-time food decisions

Imagine yourself doing grocery shopping in the local supermarket. It is 5.30pm, you are hungry after a long day at work, the supermarket overloaded with other people who are also doing their grocery shopping and the music is playing loud, upbeat music. All of these personal and environmental factors may influence your capacity to hold on to your healthy eating intentions. Yet, little is known about real-time interactions between these factors in real-time situations.

Bachelor thesis

  • Review on how the ambiance influences food decisions
  • Small survey study on the willingness to use a mobile app during grocery shopping, in order to monitor and increase the healthiness of their food choices

Master thesis

  • Experiments on how sound or noise influences food decisions
  • Validating IPS technology to monitor indoor navigation through food tempting environments
  • Diary study on the relationship between mood and food choices