Wageningen UR speelt een sleutelrol het laten floreren van de agrifoodsector, een hele belangrijke sector voor de Nederlandse economie

Achtergronden bij onze advertenties

Who sows will reap

Sustainable agriculture with high yields, attractive products and limited environmental pressure starts with good seeds and plant material. For many years, Wageningen UR has been working with plant breeding companies to improve fruits, vegetables and flowers.

The Netherlands is the biggest exporter of sowing seeds and planting material. A quarter of the worldwide trade goes through this country. To stay ahead of the competition, there is a continuous need for research, innovation and highly qualified professionals. This is where Wageningen UR plays a crucial role.

Topsectors of the Dutch economy

Successful collaboration in the 'golden triangle' of companies, knowledge institutions and the government has laid the foundation for The Netherlands becoming the second exporter of agrifood products worldwide. The Dutch government stimulates collaboration in the golden triangle in nine so-called 'Topsectors of the economy'. Wageningen UR is heavily involved in various topsectors, primarily in the sectors Agrifood and Horticulture.