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Who wants to hear?  Political parties and the challenge of climate change communications

Climate change policies in the Netherlands as currently being shaped in light of the Paris Agreement and other policy ambitions will require acceptance from Dutch citizens whose lives will be impact by these policies. With regard to some policies, lifestyles changes and costs will likely require also commitment and participation from Dutch citizens. At the same time, Dutch political parties’ communication on climate change policies and the way they will implicate people’s lives has been limited so far. This may be due to the idea that communication on these matters, may be unpopular and not be electorally beneficial to parties. Also other reasons may come in. How do political parties understand the challenges involved, and how do they engage with them? With what implications for their communications?

Research question

How do Dutch political parties engage with the challenge of climate change communication?

This is relevant to climate change since (lack of) communication will likely impact the democratic legitimacy, acceptance and participation of Dutch citizens in climate change policy.