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In this update you will read how we are currently working on a new strategic plan for WUR for the period 2019-2022. The document 'Our common ground' is the basis of the strategy process and the starting point for ten key strategic questions the ten focus groups are now working on. The focus groups were asked to involve employees and students in the process. You can take the initiative yourself by approaching the leader or members of a focus group. Or visit one of the meetings that will be organized by the focus groups in the coming weeks (see calendar in this update). Also make a reservation in your diary on 4 June (12.00-13.30); then the results of the focus groups will be shared in the Wisdom & Wonder pavilion at Wageningen Campus.

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Think and talk about the future of WUR. Join the open meetings of the focus groups.

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Summary of Report on WUR Awayday 29 March

The new Strategic Plan (2019-2022) was the theme of the awayday of 29 March (2019-2022). During the awayday, the ABCDE group (Algemeen Directeuren [Managing Directors], Directeuren Bedrijfsvoering [Operations Directors], Corporate Directeuren [Corporate Directors], Deans, and the Executive Board) continued their discussions on the issues of the investment themes, digitisation, and Revitalisation/Renewal. The leaders of these three focus groups were invited to open these discussion topics and were given the opportunity to receive feedback on choices they had already made. During the opening, Louise Fresco indicated that the new Strategic Plan (SP) is not going to simply be a sum of the things that we are already doing. Instead, the plan needs to be future-proof. This means we are going to be making choices. Rens Buchwaldt further indicated that we want to create an SP that makes the difference.  



  1. Why is there no focusgroup for education or value creation?
  2. How is One Wageningen’ stimulating WR and WU to work together, incorporated in the new strategic plan?

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Tip: Book June 4 (12:00 - 13:30 o'clock) in your diary! On June 4th the results of the focus groups are shared in the Wisdom & Wonder Pavilion on the Campus. More info will follow.