Workshop: Learn How to Choose!

NB this training is postponed due to the current Covid-19 measures.

Do you often experience a lack of time? Or feel a push to achieve more than you are doing? Do you feel dissatisfied when you compare yourself to others? Or anxiety for making choices you will regret? Or fear to miss out on things if you say "no". Do you long for less stress and more relaxation and fulfilment?

If so, the workshop “Learn How to Choose” might be helpful to you.

In this 3 day workshop you will explore the thoughts, feelings and convictions that habitually rule how you make choices. And also whether your actual behaviour is in line with what is truly important to you, your values. The workshop consists of experiential exercises done in a group in which you will get to explore your values around present issues in your life. You will also practice using your values as an inner compass in making important choices. The sessions will take place on 24 March, 31 March and 14 April from 19:00-21:30.

Due to small scale nature of this workshop participants need to make a commitment to attending the sessions. Please consider this before signing up.