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Worksite health promotion

The World Health Organization has identified the work setting as one of the most important settings for health promotion. There are numerous interventions for health promotion at the worksite, ranging from corporate fitness and providing fruit at work, to vitality coaching and mindfulness training.
Besides advances such as a large potential reach, the work setting also poses challenges for health promotion. Employees primarily go to work to do their job, not to promote their health. A complicating factor is the dependency relationship between employer and employee.

Possible research questions

Possible research questions are: what can an employer do in terms of health promotion? When does an employee develop resistance and is worksite health promotion seen as undesirable interference? What are barriers and facilitators of implementing worksite health promotion? What is the perspective of stakeholders (employees, employers, occupational physicians, insurance companies) on various worksite health promotion interventions?

Which students MME, MCH and MNH (upon request)
Type of research Depending on research question
Starting date In agreement with supervisor
Preferred language English, Dutch
Location the Netherlands
Supervisor Jantien van Berkel