''You are given a lot of freedom within the basic programme, so in this way you can personalize it.''

I am a graduate in the Master Management, Economics and Consumer studies with a profile in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour. I started it in 2002 and finished in 2008. I absolutely enjoyed living in Wageningen and I do not regret my choice at all.

I started my own company a year ago.

Study programme

I started in Eindhoven , but I hadn't made the right choice at that time and I changed my study and came to Wageningen. After all that time I can say that it is one of my best decisions ever. From the very first day I felt at home. From the beginning I also had a very good student life. When I finished my study, I decided to move to another city to see more of the world.

About the educational program I could say it is really good, no exaggeration. You are given a lot of freedom within the basic programme, so in this way you can personalize it. Besides, Wageningen University promotes internships and doing a master thesis abroad. For example, I went to Nigeria, where I learnt a lot even though it was a tough time. There, I worked for an internet company and I dealt with marketing strategies.


Now I have my own company, which I started a year ago. I develop UV technology and UV machinery for UV crop protection on turf grass. What I do is to use light to destroy the fungi without the use of chemicals. Developing strategies and organizational growth are the spheres of my interest and occupation right now. For the technical part I have several partners who give me a helping hand with it. Since I was young I am interested in the natural process and when I started my business I had already been acquainted with the balance in nature. Thus, I am trying to copy natural principles to improve daily practice or to reduce the use of harmful chemicals. In my case, by using sunlight means less disease, less chemicals and literally I bring the sun to the grass.

To sum up, I had an amazing an unforgettable time in Wageningen and I can advise all young people: "Follow your heart and think about what you really like. If you find a study near to your heart, you'll definitely have a good time".

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