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Being part of a local food group: meeting more than physical needs? (case study)

Local food groups have become a fairly well-established part of local food systems and are considered to contribute to the transformation towards more sustainable systems of consumption and production. Most research so far has focused on organizational aspects, food practices, and political dimensions of this movement. Only recently have scholars begun to study local food groups as sites where different needs are negotiated and satisfied that go beyond the mere provision and consumption of food; for example the needs for identity, belonging and participation. However, the dynamics of needs satisfaction in and through local food groups lacks comprehensive analyses thus far.


The aim of this thesis proposal is to better understand which and how needs are satisfied when individuals participate in local alternative food groups.


The student working on this thesis will familiarize himself or herself with relevant literature on needs satisfaction, in particular the conceptual frameworks provided by Manfred Max-Neef. The main part then is to design and conduct an interview study with members of local food groups to answer the research questions.

What’s in it for you?

You will partner with and be supported by an ongoing PhD project and have the chance to participate in a comparative study where you work on the Dutch study. You will also learn to conduct interviews and work on an innovative topic with great relevance for the broader field of sustainable consumption research.


You have an interest in and solid previous experience with qualitative research and human development.

What else?

Depending on the quality of the final work, the thesis could be further developed into a scientific paper submission to an academic journal.