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Cook book: Food for students - The best recipes for your student life

Your time at university entails more than mere studying. It also involves meeting new people, getting to know new cultures, and widening your horizons. Sharing meals is an easy and natural way to do just that.

That is why we developed a cookbook for and by students: Food for students – The best recipes for your student life. By exploring different mealtimes and occasions, this cookbook offers a glimpse of Wageningen student kitchens. Do you need to cook for your roommates, fraternity, sorority or committee? Do you need to impress people with a Christmas dinner or impress a first date? Do you need a firm foundation to go partying? You will find the recipes for those and many other occasions in this book.

Wageningen University students and alumni have sent in their favourite recipes thus opening up a world of new tastes and smells. Fish from Peru, buckwheat from Slovenia, pot roast from the Netherlands, tempeh from Indonesia, saoto soup from Surinam. Try them out in your student house kitchen and send a photograph indicating the recipe of your choice to #f4sl or to