Plants make urban areas more climate prove and generally nicer to live in

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Making cities greener

Cities are nicer to stay in when they are green. Plants reduce the heat island effect on warm summer days and it is proven that a green environment has a positive effect on people’s health. Therefore, seven Wageningen students came up with creative ideas to make Amsterdam's city centre even greener than it already is.

An attractive urban area can be created relatively easily, they showed. With green roofs, plants on walls, floating gardens in the famous canals and other fairly simple and cheap measures, the city can be turned into a true 'greenlight district'. Wageningen researchers that are specialised in greening urban areas will work with some of these student proposals.

About the student project

Urban climate and people's health

Cities worldwide are looking for solutions to deal with climate related issues, such as extreme heat and heavy rainfall. These problems effect the livability of cities and also impact on the health of citizens. The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, in which Wageningen UR plays an important role, solutions to such global issues are being sought and tested in Amsterdam.

Advanced Metropolitan Solutions