Speakers Corner FI Europe 2017: The future of food is personal!

Do you also want to make personalised nutrition and health possible on a large scale? Join us at our speakers corner at the FI Europe 2017 in Frankfurt to learn how you can become a partner in our PNH consortium for developing technologies for personalised nutrition concepts. Every exhibition day at 12:00 at stand #0F51 in hall 8.0, Liesbeth Luijendijk will give a presentation on how personal nutrition could impact your business.

Each individual is different. People differ not only genetically, physically and mentally but also in terms of their knowledge, habits, preferences and the social environment in which they live. Personalised food and health advice helps people to make healthy choices in a way that best suits
them; choices that suit what their bodies need as well as their personality and social environment. Customisation such as this can help people learn healthy behaviour patterns. It has enormous potential for avoiding and combating weight problems, diabetes and other ‘lifestyle’ disorders.

PNH consortium

TNO and Wageningen University & Research established the PNH consortium. In this multi-disciplinary research consortium of cross-industry partners we research the technology to make Personalised Nutrition and Health possible on a large scale. We combine life science knowledge on health and food-intake measurements with the latest data science technologies to translate this data into evidence based personalised advice. We look at socio psychological aspects of personalisation to enable long lasting behavioural change towards healthier lifestyles and we co-create personalised nutrition business models.

Personalised nutrition concepts

Come and visit our booth or Nard Clabbers lecture on the Future of
Nutrition Summit on November 27th to learn more about how personal
nutrition could impact your business. Learn more about our different living
labs in which business partners and research institutes together develop and validate personalised nutrition concepts for specific target groups (like
people with metabol syndrom, people from low socio economic status and
employees at work). Learn how you could become part of this consortium, we are open for new partners.

More information: liesbeth.luijendijk@wur.nl or +31 (0)317 480316 or nard.clabbers@tno.nl or +31 (0)888 66 4271.