Theun Karelse

When we speak, we also experience our voices in our bodies. But what would it be like to sense an animal’s voice as if it is our own voice? Artist Theun Karelse is building a prototype that enables you to directly experience the voice of animals, which will be tested for the first time at our festival!

Join Theun Karelse between 14:00-19:00hrs at the Impulse Terrace and experience it yourself.

About Theun Karelse

Theun Karelse (insta: @theunkarelse) is an artist who looks at our relationship with nature from a cultural perspective. His work is research-oriented, and often takes place in transdisciplinary research programmes set up by Theun at specific locations. For do we not act and think differently in the presence of animals, plants, and natural processes? A lot of fieldwork, that is. Fieldwork with a long tradition in the sciences, but also in the arts. This spring, Theun organizes a fieldwork programme in collaboration with ARTIS called Machine Wilderness (insta: @machinewilderness), in which eight artists each work on an experiment in the zoo for a couple of weeks. For example, looking at foraging behaviour, bodily language, communication and relationships of care, in ants, wolves, birds, microbes, and plants.

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