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ELS educational myths (1)

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July 5, 2018

From now on ELS will regularly cover one of the myths about education from the book 'Boys are smarter than girls, 35 myths about learning and education' (Pedro de Bruyckere, November 2016).

The first myth

You can show the effectiveness of learning in a Pyramid:

myth 1.jpg

What about this statement, is it true or false?

  1. There is no scientific evidence. The so called authors  (Dale et al, 1969) never did a research with this result
  2. The percentages are too nice to be nice (no research would give these round figures)

Click for the conclusion!

However, the model is too nice to ignore, it promotes a lesser role of lectures, more active participation and involvement of the learner. This seems to be exactly the reason why you will find this model so often: Truthiness (Newman et al, 2012), the model is so nice, we feel this must be true, even without scientific evidence!!!!! SORRY

The good news is, that Microteaching does work. John Hattie (visible learning, 2009) has scientific evidence that this works in teachers education. You can effectively learn how to teach, it does not make you know all the theory however.

And the condition is: it works but not without good reflection and personal feedback afterwards!

Next time

Knowledge transfer in education is unimportant, you can find everything on the web nowadays.