Steering on demand provides dynamic

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1 juni 2016

As manager of Swine Innovation Centre (SIC) Sterksel I am currently developing a multiannual research program including finance. Similar to my previous role as board member I centralize a role for a future-proof and sustainable swine sector. Innovation is the key to success. The research program should therefore fit to the demands of the swine sector regarding sustainability and profitability. The Dutch swine sector wants to be leader in the world in swine production, now and in the future.


How do we get to the right research program? Therefor we need to develop a program together with parties that share our interest: sustainable and profitable. An important party is of course the pig farmer itself. He should be able to use the results. Some farmers can use these results on short term and others on a longer term. Therefor support from the swine sector is of major importance for a successful research program.

As a manager of SIC Sterksel I believe that research should fit to the demands. Pig farmers and business partners can drop their research- and innovation-questions at the team of SIC. Our innovation managers will further analyse and sharpen these questions. Together with the knowledge and participation from researchers at Wageningen University and Research, the partners from SIC and the pig farmers we will look for a solution. This system will bring back the dynamic in the field of research and innovation and therefor in the swine sector. Every question deserves a valid answer. Do you have an idea or question, please call (+31(0)317488000) or send an email to Accessible and on-demand-research and innovation, take this opportunity!

Theo Duteweerd
Manager VIC Sterksel