Towards a learning pig production chain

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4 maart 2015

The earn capacity or earning model is high on the agenda of all pig farmers and other links in the pig production chain. It determines not only the income but also the investment capacity for farm development and innovation in the entire production chain. More than a year ago the Scientific Council for Government Policy published a report entitled ‘Towards a learning economy’. The council argued that a the sharing of knowledge and skills determines the room for improvement of the earn capacity in a learning economy. What is true for the Dutch economy is also of vital importance for the strength of the Dutch pig production chain.

Since some years VIC Sterksel works together with VarkensNET to improve the earn capacity bij stimulating the development of a learning pig production chain. In 2014 numerous ‘Rooting with….’ Sessions were organized in which knowledge on diverse topics were shared among pig farmers.  Another initiative of VarkensNET is the Pig Innovation Tour. Leading pig farmers with DRIVE share their knowledge and skills on different topics with interested fellow pig farmers, who adapt this newly acquired information on their own farm. VIC Sterksel has taken the initiative to re-introduce the National Price Scheme for Piglets on request of several pig farmers. An independent price scheme that can be used as reference to achieve a justifiable share of the margin between the fattening pig and sow farmer.

In 2015 VIC Sterksel and VarkensNET wil continue to build on a learning pig production chain. We will continue the successful activities of the past and will come up with new and surprising initiatives. Also we are going to put more effort in teaming up with vocational and higher education and other parties. Why? Let’s be clear on this point. The ability to share knowledge and skills is the key to success for the improvement of the earnings on every pig farm and with that also for the earn capacity of the entire pig production chain.

Hans Swinkels

(manager VIC Sterksel)