Sponsored poster presentation at international climate conference in Hamburg

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21 september 2013

Jelle Hilbers, MSc student Forest and Nature Conservation, has given a poster presentation in March 2013 at the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference in Hamburg, Germany. More than 700 of Europe’s leading scientists in the field of climate adaptation have participated in this conference.

‘As a student of Wageningen University it was a unique possibility to be able to present my poster to these scientists. It gave me the chance to improve my reputation as a scientist, my research project, and Wageningen University as a whole.

I believe I have done well. The congress, and especially the poster presentations, were well-attended and I was able to show my research project to scientists from several different countries. I believe I have better positioned myself in the scientific world and I gained valuable contacts.

Without the subsidy awarded by the Wageningen University Fund it would not have been (financially) feasible for me to present my poster at this conference. I would have missed the opportunity to strengthen my resume and gain valuable contacts that will hopefully help me in my future career.

Therefore I am very grateful for the awarded subsidy and I am convinced that this experience has made me a better scientist!’