Study trip South Africa

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14 april 2014

‘‘How does African culture work exactly? How do the African ecosystems function? How sustainable is their agriculture? Is the culture similar to ours? With the help of WUF (Wageningen University Fund) who gave us partial funding for the trip, the questions we had about Africa were answered.’’

8 students with different backgrounds joined the Capita Selecta Resource Ecology and went on a study trip to South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. Because of the study trip, these students have learned a lot about South Africa’s ecosystems, sustainable agriculture, culture and apart from that also about the cultural differences within their own group.

The group had the opportunity to explore the African ecosystems through bush walks, safaris, a river cruise and an air flight, seeing different animal species in the different areas they visited.

"Through this trip, we have become world wiser, have gained new knowledge and experiences and we learned how to adapt to different environments and cultures of Africa and other parts of the world. We want to thank WUF for giving us the opportunity to cover a chapter in our world book. There is still more to read and explore, and we hope that one day, we will finish the whole book and share our experiences and knowledge with the people around us."

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