How to reach Wageningen from Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam Airport to Rotterdam Central

After you have arrived at the airport, take the airport shuttle bus to Rotterdam Central (bus number 33). The bus leaves approximately every 10 minutes and will take about 20 minutes before it reaches the train station. The trip costs approximately 3 euros, you can purchase a ticket from the bus driver.

Rotterdam Cental to Utrecht Central

At Rotterdam Central station you can purchase a ticket to Ede-Wageningen from one of the yellow vending machines. From Rotterdam Central you’ll have to take the train to Utrecht Central, which departs twice an hour.

Utrecht Central to Ede-Wageningen

At Utrecht you will have to switch to the train in the direction of Nijmegen. This train will arrive at Ede-Wageningen approximately 30 minutes after it's departure in Utrecht.

Ede-Wageningen to Wageningen

Once you arrive at Ede-Wageningen you can take the bus or a taxi. Please note that taxis are expensive. A taxi from Ede-Wageningen railway station to Wageningen will cost you approximately 30.00 euros.

You can also take bus no 88 to Wageningen. The map under "downloads" will tell you where to find the busses headed to Wageningen. To get to the Forum building, please take the stop “Droevendaalsesteeg”. You can ask the bus driver to inform you when you arrive there. Tickets can be bought on the bus. A bus ticket from Ede-Wageningen to Wageningen will cost approximately 4-6 euros.