How to reach Wageningen from Weeze Airport

Weeze Shuttle Service

The quickest way to reach Wageningen from Weeze airport is by taking the shuttle bus from Weeze Airport to Nijmegen or Arnhem. The shuttle service departure times can be found on the Airport Weeze Shuttle website.

Traveling to Wageningen by train

In Nijmegen and Arnhem you can take the train to station Ede-Wageningen (Ede is the town next to Wageningen). Dutch trains are usually very punctual. Timetables are available at the yellow information boards or on big, electronic overhead signs at the station or you can inquire at the ticket office.

You can plan your journey on the website of the Dutch Railway Company (NS). In order to get to Wageningen University, you have to travel to station Ede-Wageningen (Ede is the town next to Wageningen).

Train tickets

At the railway station you should buy a second class single train ticket. Please remember to buy the ticket before getting on the train. You can buy a train ticket at the yellow self service ticket machines or at the NS Service Desk. A ticket from Arnhem or Nijmegen to Ede-Wageningen will cost you approximately 4-6 Euros.

If, for some reason, you cannot buy a train ticket at the ticket office or ticket machine, inform the train guard before you get on the train! The guard will sell you the ticket in the train but at a much higher price than at the ticket office or ticket machine. The train ticket will then cost you  30 euros more.

Railway station Ede-Wageningen

Once you arrive at Ede-Wageningen you can take the bus or a taxi. Please note that taxis are expensive. A taxi from Ede-Wageningen railway station to Wageningen will cost you approximately 30.00 euros. You can find more taxi companies


You can also take bus no 88 to Wageningen bus station. To get to the Forum building, please take the stop “Droevendaalsesteeg”. You can ask the bus driver to inform you when you arrive there. Tickets can be bought on the bus. You can also use an OV-chipcard to pay for this journey. A bus ticket from Ede-Wageningen to Wageningen will cost approximately 4-6 euros.