During the years 2012 -2016 a network of institutions and experts from 27 COST countries and experts from Canada, Jordan and Egypt worked together in the COST Action “Towards a sustainable and productive EU organic greenhouse horticulture” in short “BioGreenhouse”.

The main objective of COST Action FA1105 BioGreenhouse was to improve and disseminate knowledge for new and better production strategies, methods and technologies to support sustainable and productive organic greenhouse/protected horticulture in the EU.

Within the framework of this Action the network has realised 20 scientific reviews and publications about major issues in Organic Greenhouse Horticulture (OGH), and were publishing in total 6 books and booklets, 17 factsheets and gave in 12 workshops in the Technical Program at the final conference from 11-14th April 2016 in Izmir(TR) in total more than 50 presentations covering the following subjects of the organic production and experimentation of protected crops: nursery management, soil fertility, compost, water management, pest management, sensible use of energy, marketing and food safety and in addition to this guidelines for experimentation in organic horticulture and tools for assessing sustainability.

Parallel to the Technical Program ISHS (International Society for Horticultural Science) and EGE University (Izmir, Turkey) and the COST Action BioGreenhouse, organised in Izmir the 3rd ISHS Symposium on Organic Greenhouse Horticulture; many oral and poster presentations covering a wide range of subjects related to OGH were given.

During the Action 4 Training Schools were held in Aarhus (Denmark) about plant measurements, in Almeria (Spain) about disease diagnosis and management, in Jerusalem (Israel) about pest management and in Bari (Italy) about soil fertility and management in OGH. At these Training Schools many state of the art presentations were held.

Publications BioGreenhouse

The Action plan, its final report and all the above mentioned books, publications, papers and presentations, all written in English, are freely available: