Research of the Nutrition, Metabolism and Genomics Group

The primary focus of the Nutrition, Metabolism and Genomics group is on the key organs relevant for metabolism represented by the intestine, liver, and adipose tissue, and the interplay between these organs and other relevant systems such as the immune system and the microbiome.

A multi-pronged approach is used that ranges from dietary intervention studies in human subjects to physiological experiments in transgenic animals and detailed mechanistic studies in vitro, supported by advanced nutrigenomics technology platforms. The research activities of the chair group are closely aligned with the activities of the other chair groups within the Division of Human Nutrition and Health. The key distinguishing feature of the chair group Nutrition, Metabolism and Genomics is the strong emphasis on the application of molecular approaches in research and teaching on human nutrition and metabolism. 

Studies are geared towards expanding our knowledge of the molecular physiology of nutrient metabolism in health and metabolic diseases and elucidating what key regulatory pathways go awry during disease development and aging. Research in the group covers the following main research lines.

Our research lines