Academic Consultancy Training (ACT)

Academic Consultancy Training (ACT) is the biggest course at WUR where students get to work on real cases from external partners, and it is a compulsory course in most Master’s programs offered at WUR. In this course, a group of students with different expertise get a real challenge and become consultants for a real case owner. Find more information below and become a case owner yourself!

Case Criteria

Unknown solutions

Transdisciplinary complex problem

Authentic and current

Concerning WUR topics

ACT course

8 weeks | 5x per year

5-8 Master's students

Offering fresh perspective

Supported by coach and academic advisors

Your input

Availability during project

10-15 hour investment

300-800 euro


Submission deadline for the next round of ACT*:

August 23, 2024

Submit a project idea

* Please know that submitting a project idea before the deadline does not mean the case will definitely be running in the next round

The ACT Award:

The ACT Award recognises ACT student teams that create science-based value for society through collaborative efforts. This Award shows the impact a student project can make on an organisation and society. We are trilled to announce that the winner of this year’s ACT award is the “TROFI: The Future Of Good Food” project.