Application Criteria

Target group: Anne van den Ban Fund students

1. come from Africa, South-  and South-East Asia and other countries with a average gross income per person of less than $ 4085,- a year. More information

2. have already been accepted to a study programme in agriculture, food or environment for which financing is necessary;

3. are not married to a Dutch native, because the expected career path would then take place in the Netherlands, and/or the partner/in-laws could assist in the financing;

4. do not have a refugee status, because these students are not inclined to return to their home country and are able to request funds and financing from other sources;

The target group application will not be considered in any one of the situations below:

5. if they have already received a scholarship (i.e. NFP) for their study but need an extension. These students do not have to pay extra tuition and their scholarships provide enough funding to absorb any kind of delay.

6. if they were able to finance their previous study programme themselves but wish to follow an internship/conduct research in a more expensive country, or to follow an extra course.

In the selection procedure by programme coordinators, study coaches and professors with regard to the ABF, the student from the target group may apply if the student:

7. has a steady record of good grades in their own country or in a WU study programme, so that it can be expected that the study will be completed successfully in the minimum amount of time needed;

8. is motivated to return to their home country upon completion of the study and has the possibility for employment in order to apply theory to practice;

9. has already worked in a project/programme that contributes to combating poverty or improvement of the living environment, thereby having conducted useful work to be able to continue with upon the study’s completion;

10. is not eligible for a NFP scholarship;

11. is eligible for another but limited scholarship or has current but insufficient financing means.

The considerations of the ABF board in the selection procedure are:

12. From whom can we expect, partially due to their studies in the Netherlands, an important contribution in decreasing poverty and improving the quality of life?

13. Who will experience serious financing troubles without our support?

14. Have the students and their families undergone great efforts to finance the study otherwise? For instance through loans, applying for other scholarships/funding (i.e. Huygens, World Bank) and by having efficiently spent their time?

15. What amount does the student really need, taking into account other sources of financing and student’s own earnings/savings?

16. Will the ABF receive support (personalised donations) for this student, for instance, from a chair group (or a staff member) where the student is following the study?

17. Does the student have knowledge and experience in the given discipline that is of importance for WU?

18. Is there a balance among the student body supported by the ABF in terms of type of study programme, originating country, both sexes?

Criteria for funding acceptance from personalised donations

The main criteria 1, 2, 7, 8 will always be considered in the acceptance procedure for funding from personalised donations.

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