Project launched to combat consequences of heat stress in pig and poultry production

December 1, 2022

Global climate change is expected to cause prolonged periods of heat stress in Western Europe to which farm animals and husbandry systems for pigs and poultry have not been adapted. This may compromise health and well-being of animals, enhance mortality and losses of animals and resources.

Thus, strategies are required to optimize animal welfare and health during heat stress and as such increase the societal acceptance of pig and poultry husbandry systems. Wageningen Livestock Research, part of Wageningen University and Research, Utrecht University and five private partners, the globally operating companies Adisseo, Cobb, Elanco, Metex Noovistago, and Trouw Nutrition took the initiative to start a public private partnership to address this problem.

The project aims to better understand the physiological consequences of heat stress in pigs and poultry, identify biomarkers for research and practical application and develop interventions to combat the impact of heat stress. To accomplish these aims, the project will comprise both in-depth scientific studies and practical validation, making optimal use of the expertise and facilities of the project partners.

This 4-year project is co-funded by the Dutch Government (project LWV21.148, Adaptation of pig and poultry production to heat stress). Results will be shared in the public domain during the course of the project.