Technology Offers & Patents

Technology Offers & Patents

Research at Wageningen University & Research regularly leads to new knowledge and technological developments that can make a significant contribution to society's innovative capacity. Findings that, when applied in practice, can have an economic and societal impact.

In order to promote further development and (commercial) use, we patent our knowledge and findings (partially). In this way, we enable companies and organisations to utilise our knowledge to develop new products, processes or services that can make a difference for society.

Our offer to companies and organisations

For the active use and further development of our knowledge into innovations, we offer various possibilities to potential partners. We have described some of our available technologies in more detail below. Do you see opportunities for your company or organisation in collaboration, investment or licensing? Please contact us, we will be happy to discuss them with you.

For a complete overview of our patents, please visit our database 'WUR Patent portfolio'.

Selection of our Technology Offers: