Space Design: On diverse stakes and desires of areas and land pieces

Area that’s used for housing, infrastructure, industry, tourism, agriculture, shopping, nature and much more. But there is a pressing demand on that space: housing shortage, the energy transition, adapting to climate change, transforming to more sustainable forms of agriculture and reviving our ecosystems. We all benefit of a resilient, beautiful, safe, secure and healthy living environment: People of all kinds, companies, but also birds, flowers and insects. But how to deal with all these claims on our land and water? How to make responsible decisions for the future? And what values are hidden behind these, sometimes, conflicting claims?

What to expect?

In this series we bring together people with different interests and voices around areas where diverse claims compete. Areas like the backyard, the river, the meadow or the farm. We connect people embedded in these spaces (residents, owners, users of the area) and those that (want to) have something to say about these spaces (governments, society at large). By stimulating true and meaningful interactions, we aim to create better understanding among the different perspectives. But to also offer perspective, strengthen new connections and encourage collaborative action.

That is why we invite people that want to overcome polarised views. Those that want to work together to shape the different spaces for the future. Do you recognise yourself in this and would you like to engage in true dialogue with others on a certain area? Connect with us to co-organise the next Space Design Dialogue!