Wageningen Dialogues

Dialogue helps to create a better understanding of problems and backgrounds, to determine the right research questions, to mitigate a hardened social debate or to bring stakeholders together for collaborative action. And that is needed, as we face major global issues in the areas of food, energy, health, biodiversity and sustainability. Different viewpoints and perspectives on these issues help to find answers to these challenges. But that’s not as easy as it sounds – and often dilemmas arise.

It is Wageningen Dialogue’s aim to enable (future) scientists and actors in society to contribute to the necessary transitions in the WUR domains by stimulating better connections, insights and understanding through embedding dialogue into their daily practise. To do that, we offer workshops, support, and a sophisticated programme with inspiring dialogues.

Priority topics

Transforming our food system is not only inevitable, it’s necessary. At WUR, we strive for several major transitions in different ways. Next to scientists, also activists, politicians and entrepreneurs strive for change in various ways. But instead of keeping others from thinking differently, we see the value in exploring these differences. How can we strengthen each other in transforming our food systems to become more sustainable, healthy and fair?

Organising a dialogue?

What topic would benefit from different perspectives? Are you planning a dialogue? Inform us so we can support you and add your event to our calendar.

Food System Power Dialogues

Through these dialogues, WUR forges connections between diverse minds and exciting changemakers in the food system. Let’s explore the different roles we fulfil, the pathways we take, and the power at play. By challenging and inspiring one another, we can form (unexpected) alliances. Through mutual understanding and a common ambition we can widen our horizon for the possibilities of transformation at greater scales. You can expect a diverse collective of changemakers to gather and for the unexpected to happen. Check the calendar for all planned dialogues and contact us if your project, programme or event can contribute to the goal of connecting

Let’s Explore… WUR-wide issues

With the Let's Explore sessions for WUR staff and students, we create a place for doubt, wonder and exploration, away from the hardened debates. We do this in a series of three sessions around topics that are close to the heart of the WUR community, about which participants want to discuss from different angles, and on which we can sharpen the role and position of WUR and each other.

Previously, we explored different perspectives on the nitrogen crisis, on commissioned research, and on collaborations with the fossil fuel industry. These internal dialogues triggered a lot, such as a renewed policy around (fossil) collaboration partners and a Wageningen vision on the dilemmas surrounding the Dutch nitrogen crisis. Check the calendar for the current topics or raise an issue.