Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in participating in food research? Read below the answers to frequently asked questions, mainly about the practical details of the research. And feel free to contact us if your question is not included.


Why participate?

You make an important contribution to scientific research and also often receive financial remuneration for taking part.

How often can I participate?

As often as you like, but never in two studies at the same time. Moreover, there should always be at least three months in between studies, although this varies per research. For questions, contact the relevant research team.

When will I receive my remuneration?

As soon as possible after the entire study has been completed.

Will my travel expenses be reimbursed?

This varies per study and will always be clearly indicated.

Can I use medication?

This varies per study; any medication not allowed will be clearly indicated for the specific study.

Can I bring a phone or laptop for during the research?

Yes, you can. The building also has Wi-Fi and we have set up a 'living room' with a quiet working/reading area and a space where you can watch TV.

How can I withdraw my registration?

You can remove your information and registration at any time after logging into your profile.

What happens to my information?

Your information is stored in our database and will only be used for acquisitioning research participants.

Is there any risk to participating?

We try to limit risks as much as possible; the information brochure for the study will always highlight any risks and these will be further explained during the information meetings.