WDCC News Q3: Data Science Research

Upcoming events:

  • Wageningen Data Steward & Data Modelling Workshop. – Akoesticum in Ede, November 24. With lots of talks and hands-on workshops. A selection of what to expect: Yoda, EU Dataspaces, Good Modelling Practices, Risk Modelling, Datadriven modelling, DMP Online and much more! More info on this page.
  • ‘Bringing Digital Twins to Life’. – Orion. With a keynote from Farid Tabarki on December 13 and talks on The Digital Future Farm, Virtual Tomato Crops and Me, My Diet & I. This is one event you can't miss if you have a digital mindset. So check out the conference website.
  • Info Day and Matchmaking event. - Impulse, November 1st. Save the date for an interactive half-day workshop! The first batch of research projects supported by the D3-C2 investment theme will pitch their early achievements, while we will repeat the successful recipe for matchmaking data science innovations with long-standing problems related to climate change adaptation and climate action, in preparation for the second call for research projects!

Next to these three big events

Wageningen University & Research and the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture want to continuously improve the connection between policymakers and researchers. Demonstrating software applications developed by WUR can be a good way to do this. On November 15, 2022 we will therefore organize a 'market place' in The Hague, where WUR researchers can show and explain the applications they have developed to policymakers. Here the term policymaker should be considered in a wide perspective: employees from different ministries, also from provinces and NGO’s.

To tie in with current policy topics, the themes 'KPIs circular agriculture' and 'area-oriented working', 'chain transparency' will form the common thread of this afternoon. However, other examples will also be shown, demonstrating the widespread applicability of recent developments in information technologies. The demonstrations provide insight into for example the use of satellite data, data models, sensor networks, artificial intelligence, data analytics and digital twins. The idea is that both target groups (researchers and policymakers) will learn from each other, both in terms of content and communication. If you are interested to participate, please sent an email to miriam.strous@wur.nl.

Data Driven & High Tech in 2023 and 2024

All KB-programmes will be extended with 2 more years. KB-38 ‘Data Driven & High Tech’ will continue in 2023 and 2024 with seven themes to explore:

  • Theme 1: Smart data in food and health; Görkem Simsek-Senel & Robbert Robbemond
  • Theme 2: Explainable AI in arable and animal farming; Claudia Kamphuis & Corné Kempenaar
  • Theme 3: Phenotype sensing for food supply chains; Aneesh Chauhan and Rick van de Zedde
  • Theme 4: Robotics in agrifood systems; Ard Nieuwenhuizen and Aneesh Chauhan
  • Theme 5: High-tech solutions for natural resource conservation; Arun Pratihast and Kelly Rijswijk
  • Theme 6: Knowledge management; Jan Top & Hans Marvin
  • Theme 7: Small Innovation Projects; Hans Marvin & Jan Top

    Wageningen Modelling Group (WMG)

    The Wageningen Modelling Group is alive and kicking. This group hopes to meet you at Wageningen Data Steward & Data Modelling Workshop, mentioned above. But also check out their services through the Suphub.

    In 2023 and 2024 the WMG will focus more on model quality, integrated development and application of WUR models and the alignment with data management. For more information you can contact Jene van der Heide.

    Coordinator Data Science Research

    Coordinator Data Driven Discoveries in a Changing Climate