WDCC News Q4: Data Science Value Creation

Impact stories

Do you have a data science or AI research project or result with impact that could use a spotlight? Contact us!

Value creation guidelines

The WUR board has approved the WUR Guidelines on Value Creation with Software and Data. The guidelines offer support for increasing our societal impact with WUR Software and Data in practice and provide a description of creating value with Software or Data under an open or proprietary license. Explaining Intellectual Property (IP) Rights available for Software and Data protection (e.g. copyright, patents, database rights, etc.), and various value creation models with software and data (e.g. open source licensing, spin-off, etc). These guidelines are part of the WUR policy on Intellectual Property & Value Creation.

Value Creation Community

The WDCC organizes the Value Creation Community to address the opportunities and challenges of value creation with data science and AI together. Within this community we maintain a portfolio of data science and AI applications at WUR, explore strategic market opportunities and develop building blocks for advancing intellectual property, open source licensing, new business cases and spin-offs. Curious to know more or do you have suggestions? Each research group has a representative to contact:

Group Value creator(s)
WMR Tammo Bult
WBVR Jose Gonzales
WFSR Marko Appel
WEcR Sjaak Wolfert
WEnR Sander Janssen
WPR Paul Goethals / Erik Pekkeriet
WLR Ruud Duijghuisen
WFBR Henk Wensink

Coordinator Data Science Value Creation