Information literacy in study programmes

Discover what WUR Library offers for information literacy in Bachelor and Master programmes.

Students have access to many tools to retrieve information, such as Google Scholar, generative AI-powered search tools, bibliographic databases and many more. During their study they need to learn which tool is best for their needs and the different search strategies they can apply to effectively and efficiently retrieve information. Students should also learn how to correctly cite and reference their sources, thus preventing plagiarism.

Information literacy learning trajectory

WUR Library has developed an ideal learning trajectory for information literacy (IL) and the associated matrix of IL learning outcomes at different levels.

Our goal is that all Bachelor students reach a sufficient level of ILby the end of their study. We are working together with teachers, programme directors and study advisors to correctly embed IL in each Bachelor programme.

We believe that students learn information literacy best when IL teaching is tied to a specific research assignment. We also think that students should be taught only what they will use in the first six months after the training. Ideally, students receive IL training at different moments in their Bachelor programme. After each IL training, the study programme should offer enough practice to let students master the teaching material.

Information literacy learning material

WUR Library provides self-study training material to students in the form of e-learning modules. These modules are used by WUR library during its training. You can also refer your students to these modules whenever they need a refresher on information literacy.

Support for teachers

As a teacher, you expect students to retrieve scientific information and you evaluate assignments, reports and theses in which students present their findings. As a programme director, you ensure that students acquire the necessary skills during their study. WUR Library can support you in this. Get in touch with Leonie Kamminga to discuss information literacy in your course or in your programme. You can also find an overview of Bachelor and Master courses in which the Library teaches information literacy. These can be found on our 'for students' page.