2nd HI-LED project workshop in Austria


2nd HI-LED project workshop in Austria

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5 augustus 2016

In the HI-LED project, new LED lighting systems are being developed for different areas of application. One of these applications is horticulture, where the use of assimilation lighting is crucial for the year round production of high-quality produce. Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture is one of the partners in this EU project. The results of this project will be presented on September 21 on the workshop “Spectrally and tunable LED and OLED lighting”at the Festpielhaus in Bregenz, Austria.

Over the last years, we investigated the effects of blue, green, amber, red, white and red/blue light on the growth and development of young tomato plants. We started to work on the development of dynamic lighting recepies, where the colour of the assimilation light over the day is adjusted to the needs of the plants.

Learn more on the program of this 2nd HI-LED project workshop in Austria at the special page on this workshop.