Summer school Plant Phenotyping 2016


2nd edition Summer school Greenhouse Horticulture

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6 september 2016

The Summer School Greenhouse Horticulture, organized for the 2nd time, took place from 22 August till 2 September. Twenty-six participants enrolled for the course this year. The group was diverse with people coming from more than 15 different countries, indicating that Wageningen University & Research truly is the “knowledge heart” of the Dutch Greenhouse Horticulture.

'The knowledge heart' explained

In two weeks, participants learned everything about protected horticulture and explored important topics such as crop, climate and root zone management in further detail. Lectures at the Campus of Wageningen were combined with practical case work and company visits. As it was a two week course, the “social factor” was just as important, with evening sessions, dinners and a nice barbecue at Wageningen University & Research Greenhouse centre in Bleiswijk.

Participant and courseleader experiences

Ron Daemen, Ridder/HortiMaX North America stated the following:

“My recent experience of Summer School was very positive. The University is well known globally and I now better understand why. The amount of “Intellectual Property” this University has in terms of academic knowledge is impressive. In my opinion, this program is a good fit for many different positions within the Horticultural Industry. I look forward to attending a follow-up course in the near future”.

Martha Véronica Cortés Pusda,  Ludvig Svensson International:  

 “The best components were the level of knowledge from teachers and sharing information of new tests and research”.

The course leader of the Summer School dr. Cecilia Stanghellini of Wageningen University & Research:  

“For the second time we have seen that the Summer School on Greenhouse Horticulture attracts participants with very diverse backgrounds, not only in geographical terms. Students and people looking for basic information about greenhouse horticulture were sharing the floor with experienced growers, professionals and supplying companies. This has created a very friendly and creative atmosphere throughout, and ensured lively sessions, The participants have learned from each other (and we from them) at least as much as they have learned from us”.

Prof. dr. ir. Leo Marcelis”, one of the lecturers:

“It was very stimulating to have so many good discussions and getting positive feedback from participants. I was in particular happy to see that they can apply our knowledge in their daily business”.